“It matters not what disease is around a person, but what person is around the disease.”

Environmental toxins in the air, foods laden with chemicals and pesticides, and people carrying all forms of germs can create Cancer and serious illness over time.

Our survival depends on our body’s ability to CHANGE and to adapt to its surroundings. As fortune would have it, God placed within us an internal wisdom which, when at full strength, can handle almost any poisonous situation by making proper CHANGES. Every time we stem into a new environment or come across a new situation, the body changes.

However, to stay well, our NATURAL HEALTH POTENTIAL must be kept at full strength at all times. It must not be interfered with. Our ultimate, optimal God-given potential is under complete and total control of the nerve system. Therefore, Chiropractic Care is essential in giving you your best fighting chance against the dangers that abide all around us. Chiropractic keeps your nerve system FREE from interference, thus restoring or keeping your natural health potential.

While avoiding as many toxins as possible is obviously beneficial, it is impossible to avoid them all. SUBLUXATIONS STOP YOUR BODY’S ABILITY TO CHANGE WITH THE CHANGING WORLD WE LIVE IN, BY INTERFERING WITH THE NERVE SYSTEM.


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