Just finished talking to a few patients this morning about working out and keeping ahead of the losing muscle battle. Here’s the thing…if you’re not lifting weights, you’re body is going to soften..Yes EVEN IF YOU’RE ON THE TREADMILL OR STAIRSTEPPER. Patients are constantly telling me about how they are training only to realize they are NOT training/working out at all. You CANNOT consider the type of work you do as working out. The truth is: your body will adapt in a few weeks to whatever you are constantly doing and will no longer benefit from that training regimen. In other words, if you carry shingles up a ladder every day, that does not mean your working out., sure, you’re tired, sure, you feel like you’re working out…but you’re NOT. Adaptation means that your body gets used to whatever task you ask it to do and will be able to perform that particular thing, but nothing more than that.

Just look in the mirror… if you look like a banana, an apple or a pear…..the working out you think you do at your job ISN’T WORKING!! I don’t know about you but I’d rather not look like a piece of fruit!

It’s a common misunderstanding I am coming to realize that the average person doesn’t realize that working out entails lifting weights, just imagine how frail most older people look as they’ve gotten older. As we age we have a tendency to lose 25% of our muscle mass, now if you’re losing 25% of that which you don’t have much of already…that would be a FRAIL looking older person… or YOU when you get there.

I realize that most people have no idea how or what to do in the gym, so what I’ve done is worked with patients who are not interested in going to the gym either because of fear of not knowing, because of economics or because of geographical location to a gym. I’ve helped them put together a way to train at home with homemade equipment in many cases or minimal weight equipment and got them on the right track to stopping the MUSH from happening.

If you never work out, you’ll be shaped like the piece of fruit you see in others, if you never work out you’ll for sure be less healthy then you could otherwise be. Keep in mind that having a stronger body means that you’ll be able to prevent or slow down that frail look that we always see in the elderly, of course we see it because: THEY NEVER WORK OUT!!!!

Here it is in a nutshell: You have to eat right, exercise, get enough rest, think that health is your right, and have good nerve flow. If you do these things you’ll effectively become like super human compared to the others around you. Your body is designed to be healthy, the biggest reason most of you get sick is because of what you’ve done to yourself up until now.

Just think about it… You wouldn’t expect your car to run very well if you put watered down gasoline in it, but you water down your nutrition every day with soda, coffee, juice, alcohol, McDonalds, Burger King, or just JUNK food period and ecpect your body to run well… does that make sense? NOOO!! And then when you get sick, you actually ask..Why am I getting sick? Are you kidding? Have you ever heard this saying: Garbage in Garbage out? Of course you have! That’s why you’re sick and sickly….Most of the time. Get off of the genetic or heredity hunt and realize that if you continue to eat bad, not getting enough rest, not exercising and not having a strong immune system…..YOU’RE GOING TO BE SICK!! A LOT!

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