Throughout my career I’ve struggled with patients who have no idea that their body will turn to mush if they don’t work out. Sure the’re training in the gym alright, doing things like running on the Treadmill, or using the Elyptical machine, or better yet their taking classes in Kick Boxing and Taebo, but they’re NOT working out their muscle. Here’s the facts, you’ve probably seen or heard this recently on television in an advertisement for some protein drink. They say that after the age of 40 we tend to lose 8% of muscle every 10 years. We used to simply say that you’ll love 25% of your muscle mass as you get older.

Both are true! In other words, getting older means we’re destined to be frail and old looking if we stay on the path of our parents and MOST people. Even a person who is thin or lean we might say, even that person is turning to mush as they age. You have to work that muscle on your body with weights, or resistance exercises, it’s not possible to do all the aerobics out there and still keep your muscle in good shape.

But just about everyone I talk to believes that they are training good enough to maintain at least their muscles. It makes me crazy to hear that and to have to explain that to my patients and non-patients about the truth. I eventually have to tell them that they “WiLL TURN INTO MUSH”, if they don’t change their ways.

I find that even when people DO workout “with weights” they don’t typically know what to do… or that they can lift much more with their legs for instance then they are able to with their arms. Patients are always trying to do 10lbs of curls with their biceps when they can lift 25lbs easily, if you don’t push your body you won’t get results…does that make sense?

The Results I’m talking about is NOT getting large muscles, although who wouldn’t want to be stronger? It’s about getting your body to change it’s shape and the only way is to change the muscle…. Listen, if you already look like a PEAR and you do aerobics to lose weight, (thinking that you’re actually working your muscles out), you’re just going to become a smaller PEAR!! Is that alright with you? Tightening or toning the muscles means you have to workout with weights or at least some good resistance training to get the muscle to respond otherwise you’ll get MUSH. Just look at Jack LaLanne who’s 95 years old…he looks like he could easily be 75. Because his WHOLE LIFE he’s worked out, ate right and made sure to get enough rest!

Wait, that’s exactly what I preach in my office every day. That’s exactly how I live my life as well….Move over Jack!!

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